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How do I delete my Fanvue creator account?
How do I delete my Fanvue creator account?
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Maybe a member of our support team can help resolve any issues you're facing?
Deleting your Fanvue account is a permanent action, so make sure you're absolutely sure you want to proceed.

Before requesting account deletion, consider reaching out to our support team via the live support icon in the bottom corner. They might be able to help with any issues you're facing.

Please note that as a creator, you'll need to clear your active subscribers before deleting your account. This is because subscribers who pay for a month's subscription are entitled to that entire month of service.To cancel recurring subscribers, increase your subscription price to $100 (maximum). This will automatically cancel their recurring subscriptions and prompt them to confirm their subscription at the higher price. We also recommend turning off your discoverability to prevent new fans from finding and subscribing to your account.

To delete your account, go to Settings > Account > Delete My Account and click "Delete

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