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Pay for promotion directly on Fanvue
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What are Creator Promos?

Creator promos are promotions with the intent to grow your account using another creator's network and fan base, including GGs (Guaranteed Gains), SFS (Shout for Shout) OFs promos, or social promos.

Where can I find Promos?

Promos are available in various places, including Telegram groups (simply type "Promo" in the search bar), Reddit communities, Google searches, and social media. Follow the same steps as Telegram to find available promotions to help you grow your profile.

How to Use the Creator Promo Feature?

To use the Creator Promo feature, you need to organize a promotion with an assistant from any of the options above, and then proceed to pay/receive a payment on Fanvue using the "Pay for Creator Promo" button. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Organize the promo with an entrusted individual/creator.

  2. Ask them to share (if you are paying) their Fanvue profile with you, or share (if they are paying you) your profile with them.

  3. Click the "Pay for Creator Promo" button and proceed to the payment.

Why Should I Use This Feature?

Using the Creator Promo feature has several advantages:

  • It's cheaper! Fanvue promo charges 15% vs. 20% on other platforms, so you keep more of the money you earn. We're even lowering the rate soon!

  • You can pay and receive payment for promos on any site, such as OnlyFans, Twitter, and Fanvue.

  • Bigger payments, as there's no $200 tips cap - it's $500 (going up to over $1,000).

  • Chargeback protection for sellers, as we are doing a lot to prevent this in the first place.

  • Payments clearly show up as "Creator Promo" in the seller's statements.

  • We allow fans to connect their OnlyFans accounts to display their % and fan count, verified by Fanvue, so you can trust what you buy.

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