What are the benifits of using the promo tool?

Promo Tool

Updated over a week ago

Using the Creator Promo feature has several advantages:

  • It's cheaper! Fanvue promo charges 15% vs. 20% on other platforms, so you keep more of the money you earn. We're even lowering the rate soon!

  • You can pay and receive payment for promos on any site, such as OnlyFans, Twitter, and Fanvue.

  • Bigger payments, as there's no $200 tips cap - it's $500 (going up to over $1,000).

  • Chargeback protection for sellers, as we are doing a lot to prevent this in the first place.

  • Payments clearly show up as "Creator Promo" in the seller's statements.

  • We allow fans to connect their OnlyFans accounts to display their % and fan count, verified by Fanvue, so you can trust what you buy.

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