5 Ways To Make Bank This Black Friday

How to increase your subscription and message revenue

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are quickly approaching and, with Black Friday being one of the highest-earning weekends for creators, make sure you check out our top 5 tips to hit your highest-ever revenue days!

1. Subscription Discounts

Set a generous sub discount on your Fanvue! If you have your subscription set to full price most of the time, we recommend going for a 50% off sale for Black Friday weekend.

Consider advertising a ‘final, one-time offer’ 65% sale on Cyber Monday as a last push for subscribers before your sub goes back to its normal price. More subscribers mean more sub revenue and a higher potential for PTV revenue!

2. Content Deals

Discounts on certain types of content or ‘content bundles’ are another way to increase your revenue, engage your audience and capitalise off the Black Friday hype.

Group sets of your content together as a ‘bundle’ with a discount on pricing to encourage purchases. This could be ‘best livestream moments’ or ‘best solo content’, anything that your audience would be interested in!

Alternatively, you could run an offer on individual video purchases such as ‘collab vids 20% off’ or ‘solo vids 20% off’

Your fans will be looking for discounts around Black Friday so make sure you grab their attention and make bank!

3. Giveaways

Consider running a giveaway on your most followed social. Initially, this sounds counterproductive, however, the engagement you get from the entries should outway the prize!

For example, you could offer 10 free trials to your audience ‘if the tweet gets x number of rts’. This grows your audience at no extra cost to you. Depending on your account size, this could be ‘x number of likes’ or ‘tag someone in this Insta post to enter’.

4. Fanvue Spotlight

Tag Fanvue on Instagram or X (Twitter) to be entered into our Black Friday spotlight! We want to help our creators gain extra visibility and potential revenue by promoting you on our social media on one of the biggest weekends of sales!

5. Social Media!

Black Friday weekend is one of the highest potential revenue days of the year, so make sure you’re active on your socials! Top creators aim to promote their sales multiple times a day throughout Black Friday weekend to ensure the maximum conversion of new fans!

An example of a good promo post would be a picture of you with a direct link to your Fanvue and what discounts you’re offering. A short video of you talking about why people should subscribe is also a great way to engage your audience and get them to pay for a subscription!

It’s also important to reply to your Fanvue messages, and send PTVs whilst your fans are active and ready to buy.

Besides, you can search for your own Black Friday shopping whilst you wait for those messages to come through!

Good luck and happy gaining!

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