Content Not Allowed On Fanvue
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Fanvue is accepting of most styles of content, we try to be as inclusive as possible to all members of the community. Due to regulations, laws and restrictions, there is a select number of content styles we cannot have featured on fanvue and are classified as prohibited.

The most up-to-date policy on content we do not allow can be found in our Acceptable Use Policy. Below is a snippet updated as of the 4th October 2023:

Do not upload, post, or share:

  • content that depicts, advertises, promotes, encourages, facilitates, or solicits (real, simulated, or implied) sexual activities involving

    • minors

    • incest

    • bestiality

    • violence

    • rape

    • lack of consent

    • hypnosis

    • intoxication

    • sexual assault

    • torture

    • sadomasochistic abuse

    • hardcore bondage

    • asphyxiation

    • extreme fisting

    • genital mutilation

    • necrophilia

    • consumption of urine

    • blood (including fake blood)

    • excrement-related content (including scatological, vomit)

    • age-play

    • suggestions of underage participants

    • illegal prostitution

    • human trafficking

    • escort services

  • "revenge porn"

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