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Your 3 steps to making $10k on Fanvue 💰
Your 3 steps to making $10k on Fanvue 💰
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Follow these 3 🗝 steps to set your Fanvue account to attract, engage, and make money with new fans! We’ll cover

1) Setting up and optimizing your profile

2) Populating it with the right content

3) Promoting your account to new fans.

If you nail these 3 easy steps you’ll be on your way to making money on fanvue!💰

1. Setting up your profile 👀

A good Bio is a window for your potential subscribers into finding out more about you and what they can expect if they subscribe! It should be brief and authentic, Try to use engaging language to get people intrigued & provide information about what type of content you do, information around messaging/speaking to you on there, and anything else you offer to subscribers!🔝

Your profile picture & Banner -

Your profile picture and banner give people a visual preview of the content you do‼️Make sure you pick a high-quality photo that is enticing/cool 😎It needs to encourage potential subscribers to go ahead and subscribe! ✅

This is super important, we’ve seen intro videos 🎥 increase subscribers by OVER 50%!! 😱 Again, this is something to encourage people to subscribe, and make your profile stand out. Try to make it appealing, and intriguing while explaining what type of content you do. This is a vertical video, which should make people excited to subscribe to you and see more of your content!🤩Your intro video will also appear in the discoverability for fans looking for creators to follow.

Setting your sub price, is of course down to personal preference. You can select a sub price anywhere from $3.99-$100. We’ve found around $5-$30 to be the sweet spot,😏 however it’s about knowing you audience and what they’d be prepared to pay. It will also depend on how much content you offer within the subscription. For example, if you don’t have any PTVs (pay to view), and everything is included, then it’s normally best to go for a higher sub price.⬆️However if you have a lot of PTVs and want to focus on selling high volumes of those, then you can set the sub price lower ⬇️ to attract more potential subscribers!🤑

Set up a welcome message, to immediately go out to new subscribers!💬This can be a conversation starter, such as ‘Thank you so much for subscribing, how are you?’ or it can be a more formal message which explains your page in greater detail and explains what PTVs you have on offer! We have noticed that welcome messages that include a PTV have a 40% conversion rate!📈Try adding PTV media to your welcome messages to increase your revenue!😈

Set Blur preview images on! We’ve seen this boost subscriptions!

2. Sharing Content & Populating your page 🌆 ➕🌠=💸

What content should you upload?

You want to upload content that’s exclusive to your Fanvue, this is something that fans don’t get to see on your other social media, this is what makes it worth them paying for! 🚫On top of that, they get to message and interact with you, which is often a big selling point for subscribers. We can’t tell people exactly what to upload, however you should try keep it consistent and ensure you’re uploading daily to keep people engaged. 📅 If you have an audience elsewhere, the chances are they follow you for a reason. Doing further content around that, and making it just a level more exclusive is normally the best idea. How much should upload?

To begin with, you want to try and populate your page as much as possible📊. As potential subscribers will be able to see how much content there is on your page, before they subscribe. For example, they’re far more likely to subscribe to someone with over 100 pieces of media, vs someone with just 5!🤷🏼‍♀️

After you’ve populated your page with as much content to begin with as possible, we’ve

seen the top Creators on our platform do best by uploading Daily. This keeps people engaged & allows for fresh content for them to consume on a regular basis. 🕐

We recommend you not to overthink the captions, the posts can be posted with just personal captions, like Instagram stories, people are normally interested in your life, and what you’re doing and getting up to!

What should I do with Pay to Views (PTVs)?

We recommend Pay to View content, many of our top earners utilise Pay to View content to generate sometimes 50% of their earnings! 💵This is more exclusive content, that doesn’t fit under the content for subscribers, but can be bought for a one-off fee. This can be posted on your wall with a price set, sent out to subscribers individually on messages, or all at once via a mass message! 💌

It’s important however to get the right balance with pay to views, you need to provide great content & value to paying subscribers, so they stay around paying the subscription each month, however you can often charge far more than the subscription price for individual pieces of content via pay to views! 💰

Bonus tip! 🎁

If you have or previously were on OnlyFans you can import all your content automatically by following the steps on this page 👉🏼

3. Promoting your profile 💁‍♀️🥇

Why do you need to promote your profile?

While Fanvue does have discoverability, it's still essential you promote your profile to your audience. You need to do this, to bring fans in and generate revenue.📥 You want to let people know, repeatedly about your exclusive content platform, and the most effective way to do this is to your existing social media following! It’s essential.We highly recommend Fanvue is linked in your social media bios, or in your linktree / ‘link in bio’ provider! 🔗

Where can you promote your Fanvue?

There are many different places online where you can promote your Fanvue profile, however these are a few of the most popular:


You can link Fanvue in your Twitter bio & in tweets / tweet replies. If you do media tweets that get a lot of attention, then it’s often best to reply to those as soon as posted, with the Fanvue link & a line to entice people to subscribe!🥳


Normally it is best to use a ‘link in bio’ provider such as linktree for the link in bio, we recommend ensuring Fanvue is the top link out of the links in there,🔝 as it’s the place which likely generates you the most money! Feed posts that are put out, can have the location ‘link in bio’ added, as a way to promote the profile more. While stories can refer to the link in bio, and explain why people should subscribe, what they’re missing out on! You want to give people ‘FOMO’ (Fear of missing out) about not being subscribed to your exclusive Fanvue profile!🤫


Again it is best to use a ‘link in bio’ provider, such as linktree for TikTok. Then within your TIkToks, you should mention your exclusive content and Fanvue profile, and again aim to give people FOMO about not being subscribed via your tiktoks! 😬We advise you to mention your exclusive Fanvue profile in at least 2 TikToks per week, while also aiming to upload every day on TikTok to see the best opportunity to grow!🫶


Reddit can be a great place to promote your profiles, by finding sub reddits which are relevant to the genre of Content you create, and posting photo’s or general posts in there. Add your Fanvue link in the bio of you reddit page, and then drum up interest via sub reddits!🟥


Incase you are a Twitch Streamer, or you stream on twitch or any other streaming platform, this is a great place to promote your exclusive Fanvue profile, and can be an amazing way to monetise a streaming fanbase.👯‍♂️Linking it in your Twitch stream, while also mentioning the benefits of subscribing every 15-20 minutes, constantly plugging is the best way to convert people over! 🗣


If you upload YouTube videos,🎞putting the link at the top of the description is very effective! Then you want to mention quickly at the beginning of videos, your Fanvue profile and give people a reason to subscribe! Another very popular method is creating Content which is part 1 and part 2, this essentially works as a Video split into two parts.💔The first part goes onto YouTube, and is free to everyone. The second part you then upload to your Fanvue page, explaining in the YouTube video that people must subscribe to your Fanvue to watch the second part of the video. 😉

Promotion in a nutshell 🤝

Promoting your profile is the most important step for generating revenue on your Fanvue page, and while there’s load of different places and ways you can promote your profile, we’d summarise it as the following:

1️⃣ Promote consistently - It’s best to promote on some kind of Social media platform, once per day!

2️⃣ Give people FOMO - You want people to be intrigued, and have a fear of missing out on something if they don’t subscribe, you need to sell it! Explain what content you do, how subscribers get to chat to you, and why anyone who’s not subscribed is missing out!

3️⃣ Ensure people can find your Fanvue link - Having the link in your Bio, or at the top of a LinkTree is super important, people can’t subscribe to your Fanvue, if they can’t find the link!

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