Retaining Subscribers
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Three crucial factors for maintaining subscribers on Fanvue are:

  1. Maintain Consistency with Regular Content Uploads

To retain subscribers on Fanvue, it's important to consistently post content πŸ“. Aim to post regularly, at least every other day πŸ“…, with a goal of daily or more often πŸ’―. Plan ahead πŸ’‘ by creating and uploading content to the "vault" πŸ’Ύ and scheduling it via the "queue" tab. This helps maintain consistency and provide value to subscribers πŸ’°

  1. Building Relationships with Fans through Chatting & Engagement

Talking to your subscribers is key for retention πŸ”‘! Building a relationship with them through conversations and messages πŸ’¬ can make a big difference in keeping them subscribed πŸ’³. Use mass messages πŸ“£ for efficiency, but don't forget to personalize some to make your subscribers feel valued and connected 🀝. This can help strengthen the bond and increase the likelihood of them continuing their subscription πŸ’°.

An effective way to boost engagement is to offer a free piece of content with a personalised message. This can be something as simple as sending a picture with a message that reads, "Hey! Are you awake? I wanted to chat with you!" This gesture can make your fans feel valued and appreciated, while also providing them with a free piece of content they'd otherwise have to pay for. It's a great way to show your fans that you care and that you appreciate their support.

  1. Provide a Compelling Reason for Subscribers to Stay Around

Keeping in touch with your fans 🀝 and delivering consistent content πŸ“Ή are great ways to keep them around, but why not sweeten the deal? Offer exclusive content 🎁 to subscribers who renew their subscription. For instance, you could make a premium video πŸŽ₯ available for free to those who re-subscribe. If you are promoting your PTV content, you can incentivize customers to renew their subscriptions by offering them a discounted price or free content for their re-sub. This encourages more people to take advantage of the subscription benefits This extra incentive can give them a reason to stay subscribed πŸ’³ for another month and beyond! To make sure they take advantage of it, send the offer a few days before their renewal date πŸ—“οΈ.

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