AI Generated Content
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Fanvue welcomes and embraces the use of AI generated or enhanced media, it's quickly becoming part of our daily lives, and it's hear to stay. Uploading AI content on Fanvue is allowed, as long as a few considerations and rules are abided by.

Fanvue's full policy on AI-generated content can be found in our Community Guidelines

As of October 3rd, the policy on AI-generated content states:

Fanvue is open to and supportive of creative users who wish to utilise AI-generated media. However, to ensure a respectful and safe community, Fanvue has specific guidelines for uploading, posting, and sharing AI-generated media. This includes but is not limited to deep fakes, generated images, and other types of synthetic media.

  • Disclosure: If you are uploading, posting or sharing AI-generated media on Fanvue, you must disclose that it is not real and was generated using AI. This disclosure must be clear and prominent so that other community members know the media is not authentic. This may be displayed on the profile bio, content caption, or as a watermark on the media itself. Failure to properly disclose may result in your content being removed and/or your account being suspended.

  • Nature: AI-generated media must not be used to create harmful or misleading content. Any content that is intended to deceive or harm others is strictly prohibited.

  • Moderation: All content must pass Fanvue's "Reasonable Person's Test," conducted by three or more members of Fanvue's moderation team. The "Reasonable Person's Test" is designed to assess if a piece of AI content complies with Fanvue's rules and policies. A failed test will result in the content being removed, multiple failures may result in your account being permanently suspended.

  • Age and Appearance: AI-generated media uploaded to Fanvue must not be of a real person other than the account owner, and must not be a person who resemble or intends to resemble (visually or contextually) an individual under the age of 18. Prompt text cannot be used to 'prove' the age of AI-generated content due to multiple variables such as the model used, training data, prompt weight, and delta.

  • Compliance: All AI-generated media must be respectful and not violate any of the community guidelines. This includes but is not limited to avoiding harassment, hate speech, or discrimination.

  • Copyright: AI-generated media must not infringe on any copyright or ownership rights. Uploading such content may result in legal consequences, and the uploader is responsible for ensuring they have the right to use and share the media.

  • Consequences: Violating these guidelines will result in appropriate consequences, determined based on the severity of the violation, and may include a warning, removal, suspension, or permanent ban from the community.

We retain the right to remove any content without notice if it breaks the community guidelines or Fanvue policies. This includes but is not limited to AI-generated media that violates any of the guidelines outlined above.

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