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Issues with adding a card or making a payment
Issues with adding a card or making a payment
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When adding a new card to Fanvue, you'll be asked to provide your card and billing details. This information is securely managed by our payment provider and isn't kept on Fanvue itself.

Common Reasons

If you are trying to add your card and/or make a payment to a creator but it is failing, It is commonly one of the following reasons:

  • 3DS Checks Failed. Contact your issuer to check if their 3DS system is working correctly, we frequently see issuer's 3DS links are broken. If your issuer doesn't support 3DS verification, try your card once more and it should push through without the 3DS check.

  • AVS Check Failed. Your billing information you have inputed may be incorrect and doesn't match the address registered to the card.

  • Your issuer is rejecting the payment. Check the common reasons in the table below with suggestions on how to fix them.

  • Your Card Details and/or Billing Details were input incorrectly. Frequent Failures report things like "Invalid Card Number", "CVV Number Incorrect" and "Invalid Street". Please double-check the details input are correct.

  • Your card is not supported. Some cards, such as Pre-paid cards, AMEX and Curve, are not currently supported. Please try another card.

Rejection Reasons




Transaction declined by authorization system

Users bank has rejected the transaction

Contact your bank; approve the transaction and "Whitelist Fanvue"

Transaction declined (limit exceeded)

Transaction declined (amount exceeds credit)

Not enough available funds in the users account

Add more funds to your account

Transaction declined (suspecting manipulation)

Users bank reports manipulation of account

Contact your bank; approve the transaction and "Whitelist Fanvue"

Risk management transaction timeout

User took too long completing the required action

Complete the transaction within 2 minutes and don't close the payment window

Transaction declined (restricted card)

Transaction declined (card blocked)

Transaction declined (account blocked)

Users bank has restricted or blocked the use of the card/account

Contact your bank to remove card/account restrictions

Transaction declined (invalid card)

Card details not recognised by card issuer

Check your card details and try again

Bin blacklisted

Bank is Blacklisted

Try a card connected to another bank

Transaction declined (additional customer authentication required)

User required to complete additional authentication with their bank

Contact your bank to complete authentication

Transaction declined (invalid CVV)

Incorrect card details

Check your card details and try again

User Authentication Failed

3DS or similar check failed

Try again

The combination of street1 and street2 must not contain only numbers.

Incorrect billing details

Check your billing information and try again

Technical Error in 3D system

Error with banks 3DS

Try again

Invalid payment data. You are not configured for this currency or sub type (country or brand)

Card not accepted

Use Visa or Mastercard

Transaction declined (transaction not permitted)

Users bank not permitting the payment

Contact your bank; approve the transaction and "Whitelist Fanvue"

Transaction declined (wrong expiry date)

Incorrect card details

Check your card details and try again

Card expired

Card is passed it's expiry date

Try another card

Account Closed

Account connected to the card is closed

Try another card

Transaction declined (pick up card)
Account or user is blacklisted (card lost)
Account or user is blacklisted (card stolen)
Transaction declined (card lost)
Transaction declined (stolen card)

Card has been reported lost or stolen

Your account has been flagged for manual review

What's 3DS?

3DS stands for 3D-Secure and it's a security protocol used by issuers to authenticate users when making Online Payments. Designed to prevent fraud and unauthorised transactions, 3DS presents the user with a prompt from their issuer requesting verification via either a mobile banking app or an online password request from the issuer (confirming using two-step verification).

I need further assistance!

Still having issues or have further questions? Reach out to our live support team at the bottom right of your screen.

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