Why am I failing KYC/ID verification?
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The Most Common Reasons for Failing KYC Verification

To complete KYC and become a creator, you must have a valid, in-date, government-issued international ID.

The most common reasons for failing KYC verification are:

  • Unclear / poor-quality image of ID or selfie. Please ensure the images you upload are clearly readable and not blurry.

  • The image of ID is zoomed too far in or out. Ensure the whole ID is clearly visible.

  • Low light level environment. Take the photo in a well-lit environment, but clear of reflections.

  • ID is out of date. Make sure you upload an up-to-date ID.

  • Device camera is poor quality. If you are using a desktop, webcams can be suboptimal for completing KYC. Try switching to mobile using the QR code displayed when going through KYC to use your phone instead.

TIP: Sometimes devices don't focus properly, causing blur. To combat this, try putting a white piece of paper behind your photo ID, and make sure your selfie is on a plain background.

If you have tried all of the above options and are still struggling with KYC verification, please reach out to our support team via the chatbox on the bottom right of this page.
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