What is an intro video and how do they work?


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Intro videos serve two purposes on fanvue:

  1. To appear in the discoverability section of Fanvue, so you can attract new fans browsing the site

  2. To increase the conversion rate of your profile

Let’s take a look at both use cases!


When you upload an intro video, if you have discoverability enabled (click here to find out how to do this) you video will appear in the discover section.

Fans browse discoverability to find new creators to follow and subscribe to, so make your video as enticing as possible!

To find out more about discoverability, head here:

Increase Profile Conversion Rate

When a potential fan lands on your profile, having an intro video improves the conversion rate of that user becoming a paid subscriber by 45% on average!

So ensure your intro video is engaging and gives the fans a good idea of what they’ll get if they subscribe.

This sounds AMAZING… So how do I add an intro video?

It’s super easy. Head to the ‘Creator Settings’ Page and toggle the intro video on. You can then upload a video and hit save.

NSFW Creator Note: Intro videos are SFW only, so keep it clean 👀

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